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Acier Roofing Solutions, based in industrial area Mangalore, Karnataka provides roofing sheets and wall cladding materials that represent a major breakthrough in meeting the demand for versatile roofing system.

Efficiency of cost and ease of installation makes color coated roofing sheets a highly viable proposition for users requiring greater insulation values in terms of energy efficient roofs and walls.

The roofing sheets by Acier have high impact strength and impressive physical properties making these products an ideal choice that compliment the industrial,commercial and agricultral roofing system.

Our Brands

We are the distributor of

JSW Colouron+

Authorized Distributor

JSW Colouron+ is India’s only ISI certified colour coated sheets which shows the commitment of JSW towards world class products.

Applications Of


Houses, Terraces, Schools/Educational Institute , Industrial Sheds/Factories, Auditoriums/Halls Hotels’s Resorts’s/Farm Houses.

PUF roofing is an effective roofing techinue that is not only aesthetically beautiful to look at but also provides a much coller interior. They are a perefect fit for every beautiful House or even schools, Factories ,Auditoriums, hotel’s & Farmhouses.

Regular Roof
(Warmer Inside)

Absorbs 90% of Sun's Heat and reflects only 10%

PUF roof
(Cooler Roof)

Absorbs only 10% of Sun's Heat and reflects 90%


PUF roofs helps in the reduction of heat transfer which results in much cooler room temperature


PUF roofs help minimizing excess noise from the outside world


PUF roofs have a gerat visual appeal & reduce the need for a false ceiling.

Strong &

PUF roofs have superior strength as compared to other regular roofs, and they last a long time.


What our customers say

"Best service guaranteed"
Nayeem Mohammed
"Its good"
Sumanth Summu
"Sheets quality and good service"
Mubeen bunaya
Ameen Mohammed
"Great work roofing sits"
Bhojpuriya Samaj

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Acier Roofing Solutions


PUF Slabs

Standard Size : 1000mm X 500mm
Thickness : 50mm to 150mm
Max size: 3500mm X 1200mm
Foam Density: 38 ± 2 Kg/m³

PUF Slabs

PUF Cold Storage Panels

Length : Upto 9 Mtr
Width : 1Mtr
Thickness : 50mm to 150mm
Foam Density: 38 ± 2 Kg/m³

PUF Cold Storage Panels

PUF Insulated Roofing Panels

Length : Upto 30ft
Width : 1000mm
Thickness : 30mm & Above
Foam Density: 40±2 Kg/m³

PUF Insulated Roofing Panels

Mangalore Tile Profile

Effective Covered Width – 990 mm | Overall Width – 1090 mm

Mangalore Tile Profile

Trapezoidal Profile without Rib

Effective Covered Width – 980 mm | Overall Width – 1060 mm

Trapezoidal Profile without Rib

Double Ribbed Trapezoidal Profile

Effective Covered Width – 1060 mm | Overall Width – 1142 mm

Double Ribbed Trapezoidal Profile