Color coated roofing sheets/steel roofing system

Acier Roofing Solutions in Mangalore deals with myriad products under the category of roofing materials as that of Puffed Sheets, Color Coated Roofing Sheets, Square Pathy L Clamp (GI), Square Pathy GI Clamp, Square Pathy PVC Clamp, Bend 45 Square, Square Pathy End Cap, Square Pathy Outlet/End Drop, Square Pathy Centre Drop, Square Pathy Elbow Drop, Square Pathy Elbow, Aizar Hybrid Big Gutters, UPVC Square Gutters, Composite Panel Fasteners, Stitching Fasteners, Crest Fixing Fasteners, Valley fixing Fasteners, PUF Slabs, PUF Cold Storage Panels, PUF Insulated Roofing Panels, Mangalore Tile Profile, Trapezoidal Profile Without Rib and Double Ribbed Trapezoidal Profile.

In these portifolios page you can see all types of products in one page like coated roofing sheets, steel roof cladding sheets and mainly we will focus on only steel roofing system once go through all roofing sheets in acier roofing solutions which is located in mangalore.

The composite panel fasteners are used to bind together composite roof panels, sheets made of aluminium steel. Stitching Fasteners can be used in stitching cladding panels (with stainless steel option as well), placing two metal roofing sheets on one another and fixing halter brackets (with stainless steel option as well).

Crest Fixing Fasteners used to fix steel sheets onto timber substrates or steel substrates. Also called slotted screw, crest fixing fasteners also fix roofing sheets at the crest onto steel purlins and are a must have for builders. Valley Fixing Fasteners are used to fix steel sheets onto steel substrates. 

Aizar hybrid big gutters compliment corrugated roofing patterns and are efficient in the management of rainwater. The GI clamp and uPVC clamp with GI handle can be used in the process of welding metal surfaces while uPVC clamp can be attached to flat surfaces.

PUF roofing sheets comprising of two steel skin, pre-painted galvanized sheets containing between them high pressure injected polyurethane foam are best suited for different kinds of topographies and temperature resistance and are great solutions to problems related to the roofing system. These sheets available in a wide range of colours aid in the transformation of the overall look of any roofing.

The PUF slabs or sheets of roofing are well known to provide great thermal insulation, durability and weather resistance. PUF cold storage panels are always the right choice to construct cold storages, refrigerated ware houses, auditoriums, airports and exhibition halls.

The elegant looking Mangalore tiles patterned profile sheets can be availed in a variety of color coated roofing sheets and enhance the beauty of your home or establishment. The double ribbed trapezoidal profile sheet consists of a ribbed trapezoidal-shape pattern across the panel making it a four-sided sheet with single parallel sides.   



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