Jindal Roofing sheets

galvanized metal roofing sheets

Jindal roofing sheets is a great brand in itself. These sheets are highly recommended for all clients so that their needs may be met in a very satisfactory manner. Jindal associates strength with construction and fabrication thereby manufacturing products that promote durability. The Jindal profile sheet adds colours to the dull world of steel making it look all the more beautiful when used on your establishment. There is also a science when the Jindal galvanized roofing sheets are painted. The light colours help to reflect the sunlight and thus keep the establishment cool while the dark colours absorb the sunlight and keep the indoors warm. The process of galvanization adds an additional layer of life onto the steel sheet so that corrosion can be reduced.

            While manufacturing the Jindal galvanized roofing sheets, the zinc and aluminium coated steel sheet is treated with a chemical so that it may get rid of all the impurities that it contains. Followed by this, the sheet is coated with a chromate solution that is in preparation for the process of colouring. Next the Jindal color sheet is coated with a layer of primer. This primer serves the function of acting as a bond between the steel surface of the roofing sheet and the final colour that is to be applied. This primer coated sheet is then passed through an oven that allows it to be baked and this is done at a temperature of beyond 200 degrees Celsius. And then on the baked sheet, the colour is applied onto both sides so as to make ready the final product of galvanized roofing sheets made available in various colours.

  The Jindal  roofing sheets are made using the best quality Jindal steel available in India. And so, there is absolute guarantee of the quality, durability and affordability of the products that are manufactured by the company. At Acier Roofing Solutions, we strongly recommend that our clients may opt for these roofing sheets and then stay carefree about their durability, maintenance or any other allied concerns.  There are various types of coatings applied to obtain Jindal roofing sheets price; Regular Modified Polyester (RMP), Super Durable Polyester (SDP), Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP) and PVDF as per the requirements of the customers. Each kind of coating can be regulated, fit and change in proportion to suit the needs of each of the clients. The Jindal colour roofing sheets come with that sort of a flexibility in them.

The specifications of these sheets range from 0.16 mm to 1 mm in thickness, 750 mm to 1450 mm in width, either of the following coatings – RMP, SMP, SDP, PVDP etc. the base substance is usually galvanized steel, aluminium-zinc coated steel and so on. 3–10-micron top, 3-10 micron back side use of primer is undertaken with the top coat being 5 micron – 25 micron and the back coat being 5-10 micron.

The Jindal roofing sheets  is pretty affordable ranging from rupees 46 to 400 per kilogram. It is ideal to be used in the case of roofing for any establishment, home or business. The kind of durability and features this sheet has, no other brand can give you. And that is why Jindal galvanized roofing sheets are the best from the rest. with superior technology used in its design and all other remarkable features, the Jindal steel are worth the price paid for them.

So, if at all one must choose a roofing sheet it definitely must be the Jindal steel roofing sheets. Nothing like having the Jindal galvanized roofing sheets around you! They add a different charm altogether. Thus, Acier Roofing Solutions deals in these sheets and proudly recommends these to customers.    

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