Jsw colouron roofing sheet

The JSW Colouron roofing sheet is a premium colour coated roofing sheet that is one of the most preferred and leading sheets in India today. JSW colour coated sheets come with great many features, making it a top choice of many clients and companies. The primary feature of JSW metal roofing sheets is that, these are anti-corrosion in nature. The JSW roofing sheets comes with an anti-corrosion technology that helps maintain durability of the roofing sheet by preventing early corrosion in the sheet thereby increasing the life span of the roof that the client has picked. Other roofing sheets that are not of great quality or not made of steel run the risk of being subject to decay and corrosion. Metal roofing sheets of high-quality on the other hand are then always preferred as they are galvanized and they are very durable.

JSW steel roofing sheets provide all-round weather protection with the ability to withstand any kind of climate and change of season. The weather is always unpredictable and in a country like ours one must be prepared to face any kind of predicament. There are various geographical regions that have unique weather patterns. Some places are characterized by incessant rains while others are covered in snow all year round. There is extreme heat in a few parts of the country while in the regions of the coast the air is salty and moist. The range of humidity also varies from region to region. In order to suit the needs of many of the regions, the JSW  roofing sheets has been designed. It has been made with premium quality JSW steel and can withstand any weather condition. And so, it is highly recommended by Acier Roofing Solutions for all our clients.

jsw colouron roofing sheet
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jsw metal roofing sheets

The JSW roofing sheet made from pure steel exudes great strength and calibre. The usage of premium quality JSW steel in the manufacturing of each and every metal sheet makes sure to ensure that every sheet has a kind of strength and is uniform in function. The consistency that is maintained in the manufacturing process leads to the balance of strength and quality in the JSW roofing sheet. The JSW Colouron  plus sheets is absolutely lightweight, tensile and comes with a yield strength of min 550 mpa and 770 mpa so that the diverse needs of all clients are met. This yield strength caters to the needs of various applications that clients may have with regard to the JSW Colour coated sheets. Another added advantage of the JSW metal roofing sheet being lightweight and high strength is that due to such a feature it goes on to require a lighter supporting structure and thereby reduces the overall transportation cost. The JSW steel roofing sheets price is also known to be absolutely maintenance free.

            The JSW metal roofing sheets employs superior painting technology that goes onto provide additional protection so as to maintain the longer life of the sheet. The superior paint that is used on the JSW colour coated sheets, prevents peeling off and cracking of the paint applied and so, in the case of ordinary paint, it starts peeling off, growing dull and starts to fade. Within a span of one or two years, the roof looks bad and this definitely impacts the overall look of the establishment as well as the house. So, with opting for JSW steel roofing sheets that are colour coated, the roof looks new for many years altogether owing to the superior quality of paint used as well as the fact that the roofing sheet is absolutely durable and can handle any form of wear and tear.

            The JSW Colouron roofing sheet is India’s only ISI certified colour coated metal roofing sheet and this is the trademark of roofing sheets. They are greatly committed to providing world-class products and that too of great quality. Thus, the fact that they are the only ISI certified jsw colour coated sheets company in India shows their dedication and commitment to the field. And this maintenance of quality is ensured only when the sheets undergo more than twenty different quality checks. The quality checks applicable to the JSW steel sheet are very stringent in nature. and that enables the company to be able to gratify all the needs of the clients. And we at Acier Roofing Solutions always promote and recommend, jsw Colouron plus roofing sheets and jindal roofing sheets to all our clients. It is the brand that is trusted by all of India and by Acier Roofing Solutions as well.

JSW Colouron roofing sheet is the first licensee of the galvalume coating process in India. Galvalume coating is known to offer superior resistance against all kinds of external threats. Using the latest technology from Japan, USA and Italy, steel roofing sheet makes sure to leave no stone untuned to provide best products to clients. Our clients often wonder about the kind of pricing that JSW metal roofing sheets comes with. The JSW steel roofing sheets price falls in the category of absolute affordability. The rates vary between rupees 483.24 to 598.21 per square meter in Karnataka, the rates vary from state to state. If you would like to locate the distributor or dealer of JSW coated steel sheets, the Acier Roofing Solutions should be your primary choice.