Aluminium composite panel roof

Aluminium composite Panel roof fasteners in today’s times are available in all possible shapes, materials and sizes. Having been in use for quite a long time now, these depend on factors such as that of thickness of the panel, environment of use, strength of the join, how often it will be removed, materials of the surface it will be fixed to and finally the look of the end product. 

Thereby there are panel fasteners that are concealed and yet others that are visible. Weatherproof, durable, and easy to install: our composite panel fasteners are perfect for your home renovation.

Composite panel fasteners are used to bind together composite roof panels, sheets made of aluminium steel. With quality polymer surface coating, these fasteners serve as anti-leakage and weatherproof seals for the client’s aluminium composite panel roof. The illustrated diagram demonstrates the application of a fastener onto a composite roof.  Composite roof panels are a strong and affordable option for roofing. Shingles are made of wood Look for composite roof shingles that are wind-resistant. These details of roof panels are made of aluminium steel and can be coated with a polymer to increase weatherproofing and anti-leakage properties.

Fasteners serve as a sealant between the composite panels and the roof, preventing water, snow, or other debris from entering the building. The panels are installed in a similar manner to traditional roofing, and can be branded with Acier roofing solutions. Used in fixing cladding and roofing applications to hot and cold rolled purlins, steel wall channellings, rails, liner panels and general heavy steel items, composite panel fasteners come in various sizes ranging from 6.3 × 80 to 6.3 × 150 with different washers respectively.        

            Our other products also include composite roof shingles made of recycled materials and are made to look like slate roofs. These are cost-efficient and aesthetic alternatives for those who wish to have cedar shake or slate roofs. Composite roof shingles come with 40-50 years of leak-proof durability depending on the precision of installation. These are lightweight, the material they are made of comes with a warranty and are cost-efficient. Composite panel fasteners thus add onto the final details of the roof and makes sure they protect your establishment for a prolonged period of time.   

The benefits of composite panel roofing are many, but one of the most important is that it is an affordable option for homeowners. Composite panel roofs are made of aluminium steel and can be coated with a polymer to increase weatherproofing and anti-leakage properties. Composite panels are made from manmade materials Panels are screwed or nailed to a substrate The faster you work, the more you can make
Make products that last.


    Composite Panel Fasteners