Crest Fixing Fasteners

Slotted screw or crest fixing fasteners are used to fix roofing sheets at the crest onto steel purlins and are a must have for builders. These fasteners are designed to fix metals to sheets ranging from 1mm to 6mm hot rolled steel. Coated in polymer, made of case-hardened carbon steel, with a smooth washer made of good quality non-conductive rubber, these crest fixing fasteners are to be used on roofing panels maintain Australian standards.     

Panel fasteners in today’s times are available in all possible shapes, materials and sizes. Having been in use for quite a long time now, these depend on factors as that of thickness of the panel, environment of use, strength of the join, how often it will be removed, materials of the surface it will be fixed to and finally the look of the end product. Thereby there are panel fasteners that are concealed and yet others that are visible.

In the construction crest fixing  fasteners category, there are quite a variety of fasteners as that of, slotted screw, screw, rivet, bolts, lag screw, Tek screws and so on. A slotted screw features a horizontal, single slot in the screw head that can be fitted with a flat head screw driver and is found in most common home installations and that too in places where joinery work has been undertaken. A rivet is a kind of fastener that consists of an unthreaded shaft that joined two or more part together through an unthreaded shaft. Here the screw thread is absent. There are heads at each end of the rivet and so, there is no chance of removal from the hole and movement of the joining material is prevented. A lag screw requires a hole to be drilled in at first and then the screw is fitted in making it different.    



    Crest Fixing Fasteners