Puf cold storage panels


    PUF Cold Storage Panels

    Product Details

      • Length : Upto 9 Mtr
      • Width : 1Mtr
      • Thickness : 50mm to 150mm
      • Foam Density: 38 ± 2 Kg/m³
      • Tongue and Groove with cam locks can be provided

    PUF cold storage panels are used to insulate the floor of cold storages, limit deflection and thus support the slab. Used at as low at -50 degree Celsius, water and moisture resistant, the layers and number of roofing  storage panels to be used vary. These are also resistant to oil, chemicals, solvents and fire. The efficiency and cleanliness of cold storages depend invariably on the kind of panels that have been used.

    The high-density foam that is used in these panels ascertains better insulation. These cold rooms of the modem times can be assembled and disassembled and have different shapes and sizes of PUF cold storage panels to fit into the walls, floor, roof, comers and so on of the storage structure.

    PUF panels are made of two metal sheets that contain polyurethane between them. Widely used due to their excellent properties of heat and sound resistance PUF cold storage panels are always the right choice to construct cold storages, refrigerated ware houses, auditoriums, airports and exhibition halls. These roofing panels and roofing storage materials save energy due to low their properties of thermal conductivity. These are efficient in the insulation of heat and so are useful in keeping temperatures indoors regulated and on the cooler side.

    Thus, during hot seasons, lesser energy will be consumed in order to maintain internal cooling of the premises and vice versa. These puf cold storage panels for roofing sheets act as good acoustic shields that reduce the noise that passes into the internal space from the external environment. In case of establishments that are located beside the road or next to construction sites, such insulated panels prove to be useful. When constructing theatres and auditoriums, these sheets play a key role. The acoustic properties of these sheets make them stand above other roofing materials.