Stiching Fasteners

Stitching fasteners are self-drilling screws fixed on panel to panel, side lap or end lap of lightweight, light gauge steel. Browsing through the internet for stainless steel fabrication near me?

Acier Roofing Solutions is here with all roofing products. Panel fasteners in today’s times are available in all possible shapes, materials and sizes. Having been in use for quite a long time now, these depend on factors as that of thickness of the panel, environment of use, strength of the join, how often it will be removed, materials of the surface it will be fixed to and finally the look of the end product. Thereby there are panel fasteners that are concealed and yet others that are visible.   

These can be put from light to moderate industrial use and is designed for light to moderate industrial facilities or for use in warehouses on a small to medium scale. These stitching fasteners roofing come with 40 years of warranty and comply to Australian standards – the Golden Standard in fasteners. In the production process, these stitching fasteners are actively monitored and undergo several quality control checks. Using steel wiring as they are long lasting, difficult to break, tough and provide torque, tension and pull-out strength.

Withstanding accelerated corrosion tests of 1000 hours salt spray test, these are non-conductive, heat, UV and Ozone resistant. The life of these stitching fasteners depends on their prolonged exposure to different climatic conditions. In dry, rural and pollution-free zones these Acier roofing solutions  fasteners are durable for up to 40 years and 30 years durability in mild urban or rural areas with limited exposure to natural chemicals. In light industrial or urban areas, these stitching fasteners have a survival span of 15 years, 10 years durability in small industrial zones and finally 5 years in the coastal areas.  


    Stitching Fasteners