Steel Construction Materials

steel construction materials
steel construction materials

Mainly using steel construction materials, the roofing solutions provided are top-class, durable, pocket-friendly and at the same time very gratifying. Acier Roofing Solutions in its wide range of roofing, provides a variety of materials, textures and colours to choose from. There are great many advantages of using steel building materials in construction and roofing as they are way long lasting than any other material.

Metal roofs last anywhere from 40-70 years while a typical asphalt roof might last for about 15-20 years. An added benefit is the fact that construction materials are more eco-friendly as compared to any other kind. These can be recycled and reused cutting down on the damage done to the environment. 

Steel used materials are known to be fire and corrosion resistant while also being able to withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/hr and any kind of hard climatic shift. Moisture sealing is yet another great aspect to the steel building materials as they mitigate possibilities of anything rotting away safeguarding the inner layer of the roof as well as the attic.

Any other roofing material does not come with this kind of a capacity. Therefore, we at Acier Roofing Solutions, always promote the use of  best steel construction materials for all intents and purposes.

Yet again as metal reflects solar heat, steel building materials can prove to be of great advantage during the summers keeping out harmful UV rays. Thus, your home is cooler and your electricity bill is also under control! In the winters, the same roof provides great insulation, trapping heat and keeping you absolutely warm and cosy. This two-way benefit is one of the great-many advantages of  types of steel in construction.

Types of steel used in building construction

The types of steel used in building construction are quite many; jsw steel,jindal steel,carbon steel, alloy steel, mild steel, weathering steel, I-beam, stainless steel, tool steel and so on. However, for house construction and other building purposes, the best kind of steel is the TMT Steel Bars or Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars. These have great tensile strength, ductility, corrosion and fire resistance and are at the same time, lightweight and affordable as well.

In case of roofing, out of the recommended types of steel in construction, galvanized steel is the best kind of steel as it is created using a coating of a layer of zinc that is meant to protect the inner layer of the metal from corrosion. This method of coating helps in the extension of the life span of the roofing sheet so opted for.

There is another of the few types of steel in construction that is known as galvalume steel which is galvanized, but with a combination of aluminium and zinc rather than only zinc. This kind offers better surface protection than that of galvanized steel but then ends up getting scratched off or cut on the edges.  

Due to the greater costs of other metals when it comes to construction, the steel construction materials have always taken the lead; be it in their flexible and durable properties or in their affordable rates. The best steel for construction in India is undoubtedly the brands of JSW Steel and Jindal Steel.

These famous and remarkable companies manufacture steel that is of high-quality, economically efficient and ecologically sustainable. Our products come with an assurance of being designed using these top steel brands so that we may deliver the best of products that ensure absolute consumer gratification and is durable, purposeful and affordable.

At Acier Roofing Solutions, we constantly promote the idea of using steel construction materials as the best possible option for any home, building or establishment. At the same time, in our construction we are  using two branded steels in construction. we are using the manufacturing material of the best steel for construction in India.

best steel construction in india