Double ribbed trapezoidal profile


    Double Ribbed Trapezoidal Profile

    Product Details

    • Effective Covered Width – 1060 mm
    • Overall Width – 1142 mm

    The double ribbed trapezoidal profile sheet consists of a ribbed trapezoidal-shape pattern across the panel making it a four-sided sheet with single parallel sides. These roofing sheets are absolutely different from that of the style and pattern of corrugated roofs. Their high strength to weight ratio makes them material efficient and the perfect choice for all clients. The trapezoidal profile is a very cost-effective profile sheet. Resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage is one of the most important advantages of this sheet.  

    The trapezoidal shapes draw out clean lines no matter in which way they are installed; vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. Their structural features assist in carrying design loads. These double ribbed trapezoidal profile sheets are exposed fastened as in the panels are held together by fasteners that are fixed through the panels with washered screws. This popular roofing option is less expensive than conventional standing seam roof profiles.

    The materials used in the making of these sheets are ultra-weather resin that prevents the effect of UV rays, making the roofing sheet durable, heat and corrosion resistant. Available with a fine finish, these sheets have a uniform quality and colour pattern painted in the latest and vibrant of colours. The superior quality steel and aluminium used is excellent in maintaining the anti-corrosion properties.

    The double ribbed trapezoidal profile sheet is painted in provide heat resistance and insulation while the waterproof feature does not let water stagnate on these sheets. With a great tensile strength these are designed to bear heavy loads and are economical owing to easy installation, low costs and minimal maintenance. These sheets thus, can be used in airports, commercial and industrial buildings, home roofing, gyms, auditoriums and exhibition halls. This kind of roofing sheet must be mounted on completely flat and simple designed roof structures.         

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