Mangalore Tiles


    Mangalore Tile Profile

    Product Details

    • Effective Covered Width – 990 mm 
    • Overall Width – 1090 mm
    • Traditional Mangalore tiles roofing is an authentic, aesthetically appealing and safe method of roofing. Preferred by many, this pattern is available in our insulated roofing sheets where one can get the look and feel of the roofing and at the same time avail the benefits of insulated roofing sheets.

      These elegant looking Mangalore tiles patterned profile sheets can be availed in a variety of colours and enhance the beauty of your home or establishment. The precision and design of these roofing tiles sheets incline with various construction requirements providing fire and corrosion resistance, sound insulation and absolute client gratification. Due to its lightweight it is very easy to install and requires simplified handling. A wide range of colours along with an attractive finishing look make the Mangalore tiles roof profile sheet the most sought after. An added feature of Mangalore tiles patterned profile sheets is their excellent strength to weight ratio and eco-friendly capacity being able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

      The Mangalore tiles roof profile sheet is made of galvanized steel and easily portray themselves as a tiled roof. These sheets can be installed pretty easily as compared to the installation of traditional tiled roofing. Traditional tiled roofing is costly as well as requires a lot of manpower for its installation. At the same time traditional tiled have the risk of damage which is mitigated by the Mangalore tiles roof profile sheet which is strong and cannot be damaged easily. This profile sheet is specified as having a depth of 32mm, with 5 tiles on the width of each sheet. Each tile here is 200mm in width and 300mm in length. Thus, you can fit one sheet worth 50 tiles instead of paying for the installation of 50 separate tiles. These sheets are also available in a variety of colours and sizes.