Different Types of Roofing Sheets in India

Different Types of Roofing Sheets in India

India is a land of varied climatic conditions. While some parts of the country have snow and sleet during winters, other parts of the country are exposed to harsh monsoons, heavy winds and fierce summers. All these climatic conditions reiterate the need for strong and sustainable roofing sheets for homes and buildings. Some types of roofing sheets are more suitable for monsoon areas while some are more suited to withstand gusty winds or hot climates.

Apart from protection against weather conditions, roofing sheets also add aesthetic value to the building. It forms an important part of the facade of the building and provides visual appeal to the entire structure. Therefore, the type of roofing sheet you use for your construction can have a deep impact on the value of the construction and design.

Here is a list of the different types of roofing sheets in India along with their features. A quick read through can help you make a sounder decision on which type of roofing sheet is best suited for your needs.

Types of Roofing Sheets

1. Polycarbonate sheets


Preferably used as roofing sheets in commercial and industrial buildings, polycarbonate sheets are durable and lightweight. These roofing sheets are translucent and are hence preferred as roofing sheets for warehouses, green houses, walkways, porticos, swimming pool shades and areas that require filtered sunlight. One of the greatest advantages of polycarbonate roofing sheets is that they are easy to install and highly weather resistant.

2. Metal roofing sheets

Based on style, design and aesthetics, different types of metal roofing sheets are available in India. These metal roofing sheets are of zinc or steel.

They are highly durable and offer high protection from harsh weather conditions. The reason why metal roofing sheets are popular in India is because of their durable feature which makes these sheets great value for money. With regard to the question of which type of roof is best for hot climates, metal roofing sheets are the best choice. Metal, being a good reflector, acts as a cool roofing material.

3. Aluminium roofing sheets

Aluminium roofing sheets

Another type of roofing sheet in India is aluminum roofing sheets. These sheets are lightweight and are usually used to reduce the overall costs of construction. They are durable and weather resistant and can be easily installed.

4. Corrugated roofing sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets

As the name suggests, corrugated roofing sheets are ridged or grooved like waves that prevent water build up on the rooftop. They are an extremely durable choice and require very little maintenance during the year. Often, corrugated roofing sheets are used in sloppy regions with high rainfall, to rid the roof of stagnant water.

5. Polyvinyl Chloride roofing sheets

Polyvinyl Chloride is a chemically combined synthetic resin that is reinforced with Polyester or fiberglass. They are considered one of the best types of roofing sheets because of their durable features. PVC roofing sheets do not fade or discolour on exposure to sunlight.

Another advantage of PVC roofing sheets is their fire resisting capabilities. However, PVC roofing sheets are not recommended as roofing sheets in extremely cold climates as these sheets could turn brittle in time.

6. Iron roofing sheets

Iron roofing sheets are generally galvanized and corrugated and are usually used for industrial roofing purposes. These sheets are rust free and are strong and durable. They are environmentally friendly and can use it.

7. Colour coated roofing sheets

Colour coated roofing sheets

Aesthetically appealing, the colour coated roofing sheets are available in various colours to suit the style and design of the building. The popularity of colour coated roofing sheets lies in their durable and flexible features. They can blend well with the construction because of the choice in colours and are used as roofs for outdoor restaurants, garages, car parks and other similar constructions.

They are highly weather resistant, lightweight and corrosion free. The layer of paint on these roofing sheets acts as reflectors and do not allow heat from outside to enter. Therefore, they are the perfect type of roofing sheet for hot climatic conditions.

8. Asbestos Cement roofing sheets

Known as a low cost roofing material, asbestos cement roofing sheets are popular because of its versatile nature. The mixture of cement with asbestos makes the material tougher. Asbestos Cement roofing sheets are resistant to fire and are good insulating sheets.

9. Bitumen roofing sheets

Another type of roofing sheet is the bitumen roofing sheet. They are light and easy to install. Bitumen is nonvolatile and highly waterproof resistant. Bitumen roofing sheets also act as sound barriers and do not rust or corrode with time. They are less expensive when compared to metal roofing sheets.

10. PUF roofing sheets

PUF roofing sheets

Polyurethane roofing panels are of polyurethane which gets sandwich between thin metal sheets. These roofing sheets are great insulators and are sound resistant. The PUF roofing sheets are popularly use as a roofing material in airports and auditoriums.

Which type of roofing sheet is best?

The best type of roofing type in India will depend on a number of factors like price, quality, purpose, weather and other similar factors. Acier roofing, one of the best roofing sheet solutions companies in Mangalore is popular for quality roofing sheets at affordable costs. For the best roofing sheet types and prices contact your leading roofing sheets expert Acier roofing.

Type and Approximate Price Range of Roofing Sheet in India

Type of Roofing sheets Approximate Price range in Rs
PUF roofing sheet 1150- / Sq mt
Bitumen roofing sheets 49/Sq Ft
Asbestos cement roofing sheets 130/mt
Colour coated roofing sheets 100/mt
Iron roofing sheets 70/kg
Polyvinyl chloride roofing sheets 650/Sq mt
Corrugated roofing sheets 300-500/ Sq mt
Aluminium roofing sheets 35/Sq ft
Metal roofing sheet 1500/Sq ft
Polycarbonate roofing sheets 1200-1500/Sq mt

*Please note the above price range may vary according to the dimensions, thickness and quality of the roofing sheet.*


The use of top quality roofing sheets has a direct impact on the aesthetic value of the building. Roofs are a part of the building that are noticeable even from a distance. Using the best quality roofing sheets for your construction will add value to the entire visual appeal. It is also important to use the right roofing sheets for optimum protection against harsh weather conditions and for safety purposes.

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