puf insulated roofing panels


    PUF Insulated Roofing Panels

    Product Details

    • Length : Upto 30ft
    • Width : 1000mm
    • Thickness : 30mm & Above
    • Foam Density: 40±2 Kg/m³

    The right choice of puf insulated roofing panels for the over roof and under roof construction regulates premise temperatures comes with great benefits at lower costs. If not for the PUF insulated roofing panel, one has to spend excessively on other energy resources to regulate premise temperatures. The best way to insulate your home or industrial establishment would be to opt for the right kind of roofing panels.

    These puf insulated panels are maintenance free, aesthetically designed to fit into your premise, lightweight, easy to install and guarantee leak-proof construction. These panels find their use both in walls and roofing. These insulated roofing panels are built with pre-painted galvanized metal sheets and serve versatile uses. Low energy consuming, these roofing panels are fire, water and weather resistant with prolonged durability and rigidity. Being modular and designed to aid in quick construction, these are the perfect fit to all roofing needs.

    Thus, during hot seasons, lesser energy will be consumed in order to maintain internal cooling of the premises and vice versa. These sheets act as good acoustic shields that reduce the noise that passes into the internal space from the external environment. In case of establishments that are located beside the road or next to construction sites, such insulated panels prove to be useful. When constructing theatres and auditoriums, these sheets play a key role. The acoustic properties of these sheets make them stand above other roofing materials.

    These puf insulated roofing panels are wind, sunlight and rain resistant making them last longer and provide increased durability. These PUF insulated panels due to their lightweight, these can be carried and moved around very easily and their easy installation cuts down on construction, material and labour costs thereby adding onto additional savings. Their affordable rates make them the most preferred choice for construction projects.