puf slabs/sheets of roofing


    PUF Slabs


      • Standard Size : 1000mm X 500mm
      • Thickness : 50mm to 150mm
      • Max size: 3500mm X 1200mm
      • Foam Density: 38 ± 2 Kg/m³

    The PUF slabs or sheets of roofing are well known to provide great thermal insulation, durability and weather resistance. High quality materials and standardized process of manufacturing make these roofing slabs the best in the market. PUF slabs keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter bringing in savings of about 40-50% of heating and cooling costs. Under the supervision of a team of great and experienced engineers, designers and technicians, these PUF slabs or sheets of roofing are manufactured with utmost adherence to industry standards.    

    These slabs are the most economical form of slab roofing sheets and can be used in any building, home or industry. Depending on the need and the width of the iron sheet or other binding material, these slabs come in various types of configurations and thicknesses. These slab roofing sheets are always the primary choice when it comes to requirements of insulation and energy conservation. These slabs are used primarily in Cold Storages, Freezer Rooms and for the insulation of the roofs and walls of the civil buildings.

    These slabs offer various excellent features as that of fire and water resistance, high degree load bearing capacity, easy installation, use and maintenance, efficient thermal insulation, unwavering joining or sealing, multipurpose use, high durability and reliable performance.

    Our industry experience is vast and so we know just the right fit for our client needs. We offer these slabs to our clients after several quality and performance checks. Rigid PUF slabs can be used for floor and under deck insulation while PUF slabs with craft paper or aluminium foil lamination are also available. Very cost effective, these PUF slabs or sheets of roofing can be cut as per the needs of the client and are easily available.