corrugated roof panels

When installing metal roofing or corrugated roof panels the right length and material of the fastener installed in a perpendicular direction is recommended. Made from hardened metal valley fixing fasteners exude greater durability and strength. These self-drilling metal screws with a large washer flanged-head are perfect to be used in fixing wall curtains.

The other type, heavy duty valley fasteners with their shortened length are designed to be used on the valleys of corrugated roof panels or when skylights are used as wall cladding. These can also be used on clear roof panels and embossed flat sheet profiles. These fasteners are a perfect seal against natural phenomena and high winds.

These valley fasteners are designed to fix metals to sheets ranging from 1mm to 6mm hot rolled steel. Coated in polymer, made of case-hardened carbon steel, with a smooth washer made of good quality non-conductive rubber, these valley fasteners are to be used on roofing panels maintain Australian standards.

 It is absolutely important to choose the right kind of fastener for your house roof panels. And in that case, valley fasteners are just the choice. As the screw is fixed, the washer used presses itself against the metal roofing sheet and goes on to form a waterproof seal that ensures leakage prevention.  So, at Acier Roofing Solutions, we guide our clients to choose the right roofing and complementary fasteners.       

Corrugated roof Panels fasteners in today’s times are available in all possible shapes, materials and sizes. Having been in use for quite a long time now, these depend on factors as that of thickness of the panel, environment of use, strength of the join, how often it will be removed, materials of the surface it will be fixed to and finally the look of the end product. Thereby there are panel fasteners that are concealed and yet others that are visible.


    Valley Fixing Fasteners