Puf roofing sheets

Our Puf roofing sheets comprising of two steel skin, pre-painted galvanized sheets containing between them high pressure injected polyurethane foam are best suited for different kinds of topographies and temperature resistance ranging from -200°C to +110°C. These are absolutely eco-friendly and corrosion resistant thereby durable and cost effective.

These house roofing sheets are the most economical form of house roofing sheets for all your home needs. These sheet metal panels are always the primary choice when it comes to requirements of insulation and energy conservation. These sheets are priced based on the area of roofing sheet and the width of roofing sheets and are available in various types of configurations and thicknesses and can be designed by your provider as per your needs.

The interior and exterior made of metal and filled in with polyurethane, these sheets offer excellent insulation effects and acoustic management. These sheets act as good acoustic shields that reduce the noise that passes into the internal space from the external environment. In case of establishments that are located beside the road or next to construction sites, such insulated panels prove to be useful. When constructing theatres and auditoriums, these sheets play a key role. The acoustic properties of these sheets make them stand above other roofing materials. Be it any kind of geographical location, these sheets will provide a solution to all your top roofing problems.

These sheet metal panels offer various excellent features as that of fire and water resistance, high degree load bearing capacity, easy installation, use and maintenance, efficient thermal insulation, unwavering joining or sealing, multipurpose use, high durability and reliable performance. We at Acier Roofing Solutions know just the right fit for our client needs. We offer these puf roofing sheets metal panels to our clients after several quality and performance checks. 


    Puffed Sheet


    30mm thickness